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Home Page Redesign

Home Page Redesign

Productive websites demand more than a “pretty face”, but let’s be honest, first impression counts.

The Homepage is the face of a company and the terminus a queue for most of the users. With a little improvement on your homepage, the business value gets multiplied. Homepages are the most important and valued real estate for your website. Every year, companies draw millions of dollars through this quad and it definitely needs a lot of attention.

The Homepage is the most valuable page of a website. A website is like a house and the homepage acts as one of the doors to this online home. However, users don’t always enter a website from the homepage but one of the first things these users do after landing at a new website is go to the homepage.

An engrossing and substantive home page builds your company’s strong impression. It is the gateway page from where online users take decision to go further or not.

At Design-Redesign, our design experts can design and redesign the most suitable home page for your website. Our designing and redesigning services help you in creating the most elegant and functional design by understanding your target audiences and the industry in which you operate. Let the advanced and strategic website redesign services of Design-Redesign make the most out of your web marketing dollars!

Important factors to be considered for Home Page design
  • Attractive Graphics
  • Easy Navigation
  • Color Scheme
  • Minimum download time
  • Effective Captions / Base lines
  • Logo Placement
  • Placement of Links
  • Informative Text relevant to the theme