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SEO Website Design

SEO Website Design

In today’s scenario it is not enough to merely have a web presence. Your website should be dependable, should properly convey the benefits that your products and services offer and should be able to convince your website visitors to take positive actions such as making purchase decisions on your website, getting in touch by filling up a contact form, requesting for product literature or signing up your newsletter.

SEO Website Design

As a business owner, you just cannot stop at having a nice looking website which receives no traffic. Just like any other collateral, your website is a marketing tool that should be used to generate inquiries and sales.

Search engine Optimization is the process of improving the onsite and offsite factors that make your website rank higher in search engines like Google for keywords that your customers use. More than 80% of the traffic on the Internet is driven via search engines and you cannot afford to miss this huge traffic stream.

What is SEO Website Design?

There is a limit to what search engine spiders (the software that indexes or crawls your website) can see and digest. Search engine crawlers are like primitive browsers and cannot read images, fancy flash menus and Javascript showcases. Spiders also have trouble indexing URLs that are dynamic and contain more than 3 parameters.

With all these limitations, it is essential that when you need a Website Design or Website Redesign, SEO should be included in site architecture from the start itself. This will prevent you from spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on sites that are no good for search engines.

How SEO Website Design Works?

Our SEO team members work closely with our design experts and offer SEO suggestions and convey the standards that are needed for your website. Whether your site is static and needs proper content layout and formatting or you have a CMS driven website that needs proper URL naming conventions and URL shortening, our SEO experts can identify your need and provide the correct solution.

Gain from our experience and ask for a SEO Website Design quote today.