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Web Application Design

Web Application Design

Web applications and rich Internet applications should be useful, usable and should carry a professional looking interface. The usage patterns of web applications are constantly on a rise and an exciting look and feel, clear visual hierarchy highlighting relevant interactions, consistent and manageable interface elements are required to meet with the user’s expectations.

Web applications refer to the software delivered as a service over the Web. These applications provide value as users can create, collaborate, collect, and get work done; all within the ubiquitous Web browser framework. Design-Redesign has produced many web application interfaces for a diverse set of companies and organizations. See below the sample of our work:

Our development teams at Hashe offer a wide range of expertise in programming and developing web applications. We develop internet based web applications which interact with one or more central databases. We have great skills on dynamic platforms such as java, ASP, PHP and .NET. Here, we are confident to quality. All our offered designs and services meet the benchmarks set by the clients and are completely in accordance with the quality standards.